The metro runs from 05:30–23:30 (01:30 Friday and Saturday). There are three lines (A red; B blue, C). The junction between A and B is at Rome Termini station. For further information >> . See also general public transportation web-site >> .

Buses and trams
Buses and trams run from 05:30–24:00. Tickets can be purchased from tobacconists, at the metro station, from ATAC kiosks, from ticket machines at bus stops; and on some bus lines. The same ticket can be used on the metro, buses, and trams. Fares available include:

  • BIT integrated time ticket. Cost EUR 1.50; duration 100 minutes on all buses plus one metro ride
  • BIG full day ticket. Cost EUR 7; duration one (1) day until 24:00.
  • CIS weekly card. Cost EUR 24; duration seven (7) days until 24:00 of the seventh day.

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Official and legal taxis are white with a sign on the top of the car. Taxi companies include:

  • download one of the following apps: (English, Spanish, Italian)

book your taxi by phone: +39 06 3570- 6645-5551