CREA Research Centre for Forestry and Wood

The activity of the Centre is focused on the sustainable management of forests and forest plantations, with particular attention to forest genetic resources, ecology, inventory, biometrics, modelling, applied geomatics, planning, and wood quality and technology

The Centre aims at developing and testing improved methods and techniques applied to forest tree breeding, monitoring, poplar cultivation, silviculture, and to wood and non-wood products of forests and forest plantations

Strategic objectives

  • Precision forestry for the improvement of forest management and production
  • Improved management of forest ecosystems for resilience to environmental changes
  • Conservation and valorisation of forest genetic resources (including tree breeding, with distinctive reference to poplars and willows)
  • Sustainable, resilient and adaptive management of forest tree crops under a changing climate
  • Multi-objective monitoring and inventory of forest resources and urban green areas

Research goals

  • Increase timber production, achieving higher quality with lower energy inputs
  • Conserve and manage the genetic biodiversity of forest trees and assess their adaptive and productive potential
  • Explore ways of mitigating and reducing environmental vulnerability to climate change by forestry interventions
  • Develop monitoring, inventory and decision support tools for the management of forests and forest plantations, like specialized poplar tree crops
  • Increase the use of non-wood forest products
  • Increase the general public’s awareness of the need for forestry and sustainable management of forest resources